Metro Redux Technical Review

Publisher Deep Silver
Platforms tested PS4 XboxOne PC
With 4A games being a highly comended and competent group of developers having pushed some of the most impressive and stressfull games across PC and last gen consoles with their Metro and Last Light saga. With these still being used now for benchmark's for new hardware it is clear that they have the ability to push hardware well when given the chance. And with less than 6 months able to do this on the Now Generation of machines they have managed a superb start on the journey to AAA developers.

Offering a spruced up and improved version of both games in a single Redux package is not only a great way to expand your audience but also get some much needed time on new hardware. With the XboxOne and PS4 they now have the modern selection of GPU hardware, x86 CPU and much larger pool of Ram to work within. This has allowed them to get not only the much lauded 60fps target in the bag across both versions - An achivement made even more impressive by its such short development time and it never dropping a frame - but also hitting 1080 & 900p on PS4, X1 which is something many other developers have struggled to achieve in double the development time and budget.

To find out more about the game, the techinal side and how close all 3 versions are including the PC please check out the detailed review and analysis video below.