WipeOut: Setting the tempo for a new generation

Retroperspective of a defining title

Publisher Psygnosis/Sony
Developer Psygnosis
Platforms tested PS4 PC PS3 PS2 PS1 Saturn N64 PS Vita PSP PS4Pro
Some games manage to define a genre, some even achieve the hallmark of defining a platform, and a tiny, elite club mange to define a generation. The next title under the time-machine, microscope managed all 3 when it launched on the then “New boy” on the scene in Sony with it’s Playstation.

Before this story begins we need to journey back to 1994, I was still at school, games at home still predominately ran with very impressive but 2D visuals and the good 3D attempts were few and far between. They also carried a stigma of sad, lonely teenagers, no friends, unsociable, a plain bad influence. Hated by teachers, parents and MP’s alike nothing was going to change that overnight. The Megadrive and Snes were still battling it out for high street dominance and mainstream relevance, but behind closed doors a new pretender was emerging, one driven by hunger and a cool, calm & calculated chilled glass of revenge on Nintendo, after its failed partnership and humiliating public U-turn on the CD-rom add-on for the Super Nintendo entitled the Play Station..sounds familiar right?

Watch Part 1 and 2 below to remember the times or enjoy the origins.

Part 2 Once the dust had settled on Wipeout’s impact, specifically on the PS1 with the delayed Saturn release taking the wind out of its impact some what on that platform to some degree. To the point many never knew it launched on that machine, even to this day, let alone 2 of them. But more so the Marketing was coordinated with and into Sony’s message, but they never interfered with Psygnosis at a micro level, happy to have them as a strategic partner that they just so happened to own....

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