Destruction Derby: RetroPerspective

Retro rumble of Saturn Vs Playstation

Publisher Psygnosis
Developer Reflections Interactive
Platforms tested PS1 Saturn
Destruction Derby was a game that made nearly as much of a crash bang and wallop as the PS1 machine it launched with. Published by Sony owned Psygnosis at the time and even though some may class as a Sony game it was made by the UK Reflections team lead by Martin Edmonson and shipped over 4 platforms and 2 generations.

The N64 release by looking glass studios is incredibad visually compared to the much older original and epitomises the consoles blur-o-vision textures that it was infamously known for and is really not the same game at all, a common trait of the CD to Cartridge ports of the time. Leaving that version behind for now and continuing my Retroperspective series we now have some retro Head 2 Head action in a 2 way split between old rivals Sega's Saturn facing off with Sony's Playstation let battle commence....Ready...FIGHT!

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