Technical Analysis

What will power the PS4K, XboxNext and Nintendo NX?
Times have certainly changed, with digital games now being a much larger portion of game sales now.…
TechnoBabble: DirectX 12, Windows 10 and XboxOne
Watches of my last episode in this series will know I guessed correctly on the aim of Microsoft with…
Project Cars Head 2 Head Analysis
Being one of the most infamous games that was funded by the community it has had a long and at times…
Fibre Fuelled Nathan Drake - Technobabble
Naughty Dog created a superb and very intricate engine on the PS3 that took them from Uncharted…
DOOM: Head 2 Head Technical Review & Performance Analysis
DOOM returns and as such so does "The Man" a single minded entity hell bent on revenge, retribution…
The Order 1886: Technical Analysis
Welcome to my In-depth analysis of Ready At Dawn’s new game, IP and Engine with their first step…
Welcome to an update of the much talked, many scorned and ultimately failed launch that was AC…

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