Assassins Creed: Unity Final Verdict PC

Publisher Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft
Platforms tested PC
Welcome to an update of the much talked, many scorned and ultimately failed launch that was AC Unity. You may have seen my last video on the game for both consoles and as I predicted the last patch on the game (being the 4th) release before Christmas finalising that stability and Performance of the game to a level that is Perfectly playable if not commendable or impressive across both machine, check it out below if you can complete with my frame rate analysis on both. This brought the game into a near as damn it identical stance on both machines, parity is restored if you will.

But what about PC gamer's, what do we get and how much improvement have we seen?. Well to make the process more balanced and my future analysis and head to heads far more encompassing I have built another machine one designed to show top end or near as damn it PC performance (aside sli/crossfire rig’s) but this is always a very hit and miss scenario anyway with much more miss than hit. My new rig is a Gigabyte top end gaming motherboard Z97-X which houses my i5 4690k fully unlocked and clock-able quad core more than enough of a CPU to not be the bottleneck on any current games or ones to come for a while at least and this is paired with an MSI GTX 970 again that can be clocked if needed up to near 980 performance (3.5GB issues aside), so this machine certainly gives you the top level expected of a PC with its 16GB of corsair ram, SSD and should not be a hindrance in game tests. Along with this I have my tried and trusted Gigabyte board again with an 8-core AMD FX8350 paired with a 2GB Radeon 7870, SSD and 16GB of corsair ram. This machines represents the medium range and is still a great gaming machine that on paper specs is more than a challenge for both consoles, but paper specs as I always keep saying never mean that much and I try to avoid that chat as much as possible.

So now we have the machines configured to show a good range of PC spec and more importantly both sides of the hardware fence. My AMD machine will show how each game performs on that and my Intel/Nvidia rig being more powerful will show not only the power split but also the hardware differences, I will have an AMD-Intel video up soon on DX12/Windows10 in my new techno babble series that many will hopefully find interesting and explain a lot.

But this video will give you a brief example as to why and how this plays out. So first up both machines are patched up to patch 4 and are fresh installs of windows, but to give you a base, this was how then PC version ran on my AMD rig when launched, no matter if sub, sub he or not maintaining a solid 30 was impossible, he'll even a solid 15 was hard. And it mirrored the state of the game across all platforms, pc being worse than ps4 then x1. None where great or impressive from that stance and still are not but Ubisoft should be commended for creating a game and world that at least would not run in last gen Machines, just time to finish was the single biggest take away from it even now. But that was then this is now and first let's see how the PC version has improved. Just another note on this video is that I no longer use Fraps or Afterburner to show frame rate info as it was always just a guide and is not accurate at all. Short version is all my captures on PC have the same additional overhead that my console ones do, that is none at all. I captured all my footage and always have done on a secondary machine to the one running the game, I don't use Fraps or any other software captures to do this but dedicated separate hardware and raw captures for frame rate analysis which need big space and fast write access, but more detail can be found in my later video. Here you can see in the top right the frame rate as per fraps view of the world and below in white is the actual frame rate as being seen, experienced and displayed on screen to the player. And as you can see fraps is showing much higher rates than what is actually being shown, and this is a huge misguided fact that has long since been In place for gauging FPS. My method now removes all of that and gets an accurate like for like comparison across hardware and platform to compare against. Here we can see differences.

So enough methodology talk, let's get onto the facts and here we can see that the PC performance has improved but not everywhere. Now my average rate is much nearer 30 on this set-up and to show that the game is not GPU bound a drop to 900p as per consoles offers up 0 to no tangible benefits, even much lower offers little performance increase. Confirming if any are in doubt that the PS4 version would most likely run identical to now if a native 1080 was set.

Check out much more info from the video below.

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Assassins Creed: Unity Final Verdict PC
Welcome to an update of the much talked, many scorned and ultimately failed launch that was AC…